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Oct: Digital Content Expo (DC EXPO) 2014

This weekend I was able to attend the Digital Content Expo (DC EXPO) 2014 at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). As we had so much to see at the Expo we will need to return to visit the rest of Miraikan which as you can see below is housed in an impressive building in Odaiba beside Toyko harbour.

Oct: Report on MobileHCI 2014 and UIST 2014

MobileHCI 2014  MobileHCI 2014 was a single track conference so I saw all the papers presented. I've selected a few to highlight which are of interest to me or those I work with. There were many impressive talks and papers which I've not noted here as they simply aren't relevant in my day to day work. As I was the general chair for this conference I hope you aren't offended if I don't list your paper here!

You can see some of the videos or images I took (or others gave me) from the various talks and sessions of note here from Flickr.

All the papers are here and can be downloaded by anyone (for a year), after this you will need an ACM DL account. Please note, I'm providing two links for each paper. One is the permanent link to the ACM DL (which you need personal or institutional access to read) and the second is the link to the page for the Open TOC the ACM provides for the next year. If you click on the Open TOC link you then need to search for the paper yours…