Links from my talk on the Digital Tourist, March 12th Edinburgh

 This post contains links to systems and technologies I mentioned during my talk on the "Digital Tourist" on March 12th in the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. I have linked from to this page for ease of update. The SFC funded projects described can be found from our SACHI page here.

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St Andrews HCI - - visions of computing and videos related to computing as predicted in the past or now   

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Ubiquitous Computing‎

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Pine, J. and Gilmore, J. (1999) The Experience Economy, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, 1999.

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5 I’s: Inspirational, Inviting, Iconic, Imagery, Interactive
What makes this location different from other places
Easy access to maps, brochures, calendars, videos, apps etc.

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Google Analytics -

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Network analysis of flight data

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During: MyMagic+ Disney $1b investment

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Multimodal Systems for Digital Tourism - SICSA Summer School 2012 - SACHI

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Hierarchical Structures in Support of Dynamic Presentation of Multi Resolution Geographic Information for Navigation in Urban. Environments.  

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Umers AVI paper
The cost of display switching: a comparison of mobile, large display and hybrid UI configurations

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Dual view paper

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Apted T., Kay J., Quigley A., "Tabletop Sharing of Digital Photographs for the Elderly", Proceedings of the 2006 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 2006 April 22-27 2006 Montreal, Canada

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BlueStar, a privacy centric location aware system

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MEMENTO: A Digital Physical Scrapbook for Memory Sharing (2006)

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Subtle Gaze-Dependent Techniques for Visualising Display Changes in Multi-Display Environments

More here - 
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Ambassadors program Visit Scotland
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