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SICSA Knowledge Exchange

As the SICSA Deputy Director and Director of Knowledge Exchange I'm been learning more about the Knowledge Exchange we undertake in SICSA with industry. SICSA includes all staff and students in Informatics and Computer Science in Scotland and as such all the opportunities available are open to all. If you are a new SICSA PhD student I'll be meeting you and discussing much of this in detail at the new PhD induction day on Nov 26th in Edinburgh.

SICSA knowledge exchange manifests itself in things like the annual DemoFest, complimentary support to the tech transfer office in each Scottish University, entrepreneurial education, mobile apps clubs etc. Most of the support for SICSA knowledge exchange comes out of the AspeKT program in Informatics in Edinburgh.

Examples of knowledge exchange supports SICSA helps with include:
DemoFest on Nov 6 2012  Dedicated Business Development Officers, Tech for Tourism  (Alan Settery), Cyber Security  (Martin Beaton)Network development (building…

I am, you are, we are SICSA!

SICSA is the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance. I've been the deputy director and director for knowledge exchange with SICSA for a little over a month now. Yesterday I attended my first meeting of the SICSA committee with academics representing Universities from across Scotland. Attending this meeting prompted me to write this post.

SICSA has so far appointed more than 30 new staff and have offered more than 70 prize studentships to PhD students from around the world. However, SICSA is more than just these people. Indeed, in my time in Scotland I've met a few students and indeed academics in Computer Science and Informatics who said that "they aren't in SICSA" or that "SICSA events or support wasn't for them". This is simply not the case. SICSA was established to "Sustain and expand Scotland's research excellence in Informatics and Computer Science". This means all academics, researchers, postdocs, postgrads and oth…