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June 2012, InfoVis for UbiComp data summer school reflections

In late May of 2012 I organised and delivered a week long workshop on Information Visualisation for UbiComp Data, as part of the UbiOulu summer school. On a scale from worst (1) to best (5) my workshop was scored 4.35 on average by 14 of the 23 participants from the workshop who responded to a survey request, so there is room for improvement. This blog post covers the background to the workshop, the schedule, the results of a survey and some discussion.   
Background to the workshop  I was invited by Professor Timo Ojala to run this workshop eight months before travelling to Oulu in Finland. Even with the time to prepare, it remained a slightly daunting task which worried me (as such things often do!). There were 23 graduate students from around Europe attending to learn about Infovis. When you consider they were collectively devoting half a person year to something, you want to make sure you make it worth their while! I have taught modules, courses and guest lectured about InfoVis on…

ITS 2013 website goes live

Along with Professor Giulio Jacucci of the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT I'm a general chair for ITS 2013. This post is version of our introductory message on that site.  "We wanted like to thank our web chair Jim Young for his hard work in getting this site underway and for managing it over the next two years. Thanks to Aaron Genest our social media chair for coordinating the online social presence with Google+FacebookTwitter and more. We would also like to thank our publicity chair Paul Marshall for arranging the postcard you see below. Printed copies of these are now being used to advertise the conference around the world at upcoming conferences. If you would like some of these postcards please do let us know. Thanks also to our PC chair Miguel Nacenta for his logo work and to our local chair Per Ola Kristensson for his hard work organising a multitude of things. A conference such as this is the culmination of work and often unseen efforts of many…