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Trading Consequences blog post

As part of the launch of the Trading Consequences project site I have written the first blog post in which I emphasise that the question is key in this project. "To understand the consequences of our trading history, historians need to ask difficult, subtle, multifaceted and challenging questions. Questions which aren’t polluted by knowledge of the limitations of the methods and technologies we have today. These insightful questions won’t come from a focus on what the tools of today can support, what the analysis or visualisation methods can do or what data is available. " see the full blog post here.

Jan 2012 - New Grants, Research Fellow and PhD Scholarships

Along with colleagues in the Univeristies of Edinburgh and York we have achieved grant success with JISC. Our project “Trading Consequences” (Universities of Edinburgh, York and St Andrews) will examine the economic and environmental consequences of commodity trading during the nineteenth century using information extraction techniques to study large corpora of digitized documents through structured query and visualisation. There is a page on our research group's website about this in more detail.

Along with Miguel Nacenta and colleagues from ADS and Historic Scotland we have been awarded a Smart Tourism grant named LADDIE or Large Augmented Digital Displays for Interactive Experiences of Historic Sites. In addition to this, along with colleagues from MUSA in St Andrews and Interface3 who have been awarded a second Smart Tourism Grant named SMART or Scotland’s Museums Augmented Reality Tourism. There is a page on our research group's website about this in more detail.