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June 2011 - Upcoming Summer School

Some of the equipment for Summer School You can see some of the Arduino and Kinect equipment we have for the summer school here starting on June 26th with an Arduino workshop. The focus of this summer school is to introduce a new generation of researchers to the latest research advances in multimodal systems, in the context of applications, services and technologies for tourists (Digital Tourism). Where mobile and desktop applications can rely on eyes down interaction, the tourist aims to keep their eyes up and focussed on the painting, statue, mountain, ski run, castle, loch or other sight before them. In this school we focus on multimodal input and output interfaces, data fusion techniques and hybrid architectures, vision, speech and conversational interfaces, haptic interaction, mobile, tangible and virtual/augmented multimodal UIs, tools and system infrastructure issues for designing interfaces and their evaluation. Mornings are devoted to seminars from our international speakers f…

Graduation address - Aaron Quigley Thursday 23 June 2011

Graduation address - Aaron Quigley Thursday 23 June 2011 Chancellor, honoured guests, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen
Firstly, I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to all of our new graduates. We all join you in celebrating your accomplishments and for graduating from the University of St Andrews today. You join a distinguished Alumni who over the past six centuries have taken what they learned here to help change the world. Yes, we have many famous alumni including nobel prize winners, great writers, politicians and even the founder of the Presbyterian church John Knox. However, we also count amongst our alumni many teachers, mathematicians, medics and members of the armed forces who have each had an important impact on our world, as I hope will you.
It’s easy to forget while in such auspicious surrounding that all of our graduates have sat where you are today. From the nurse to the nobel prize winner, or indeed the prince to the programmer, they each had…