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May 2011: How to Write a Good Review

In Computer Science in St Andrews following an email from Professor Kevin Hammond in May 2011 on reviewing and the reviewing process we had a very fruitful discussion that I'd like to summarise for myself and my students here. Kevin is presenting on this topic, during the 2011 SICSA PhD conference in Edinburgh in May 2011. I'm going to continue to edit this page as I develop new insights or as ideas and pointers present themselves. 
Given the nature of Computer Science, our conferences are a very important pathway for disseminating the results of our work. Other people, perhaps you, might disagree but this is how I see the field and I know it's how many others do too. As a result, conferences are very competitive with sub 20% acceptance rates being common. Written reviews, from independent reviewers, determine what is accepted for publication at a conference or in a Journal and "in the long run reviews have an impact upon other people's professional advancement and…