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Dec 2010 - Two Journal Papers: Visualisation and Usability

Along with Julie Doyle and Brian O'Mullane we have had our paper on "Usability by Proxy – Killing 2-N Birds with One Stone?" accepted to the Journal of Usability Studies. A controversial paper we look forward to its publication stimulating follow on research and debate.

Usability testing is a critical part of the design process for applications, which can require many iterations of testing with, often-times, many different groups of users. As such, the cost of testing is typically significantly high. In this article we propose a new UEM to address this problem, which we call Usability by Proxy. Usability by Proxy involves studying usability measures with a cohort at one level of expertise or ability to identify the expected values at the next level of expertise or ability. In this article, we begin the process of evaluating the effectiveness of this method through a usability study of the BioMOBIUS™ biomedical research platform, an application with intended usag…