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Aug 2010 BCS Interaction Specialist Group

"Founded in 1984, Interaction (or the BCS Interaction Specialist Group) is a specialist HCI group of the British Computer Society (BCS). It provides an organisation for all those working on human-computer interaction - the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of technologies for human use."

In moving to my new role in St. Andrews I've joined the executive of the BCS Interaction Specialist Group. I'm looking forward to taking an active role in both this group and more broadly in promoting interest in next generation HCI challenges across the UK.

My own focus in Human Computer Interaction is on bridging the digital-physical divide. We live our lives in a physical world. I contend the current generation of human computer interfaces are very limited in their support for heads up, face to face or face to world interaction as apposed to the heads down interfaces as we currently have. The range of mobile (handheld or tablet/pad), laptop/netbook and desktop interf…