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May 2010 - Workshop on coupled display visual interfaces

PPD’10 our workshop on coupled display visual interfaces has been accepted as a workshop of the 10th International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2010). This workshop will be on May 25th, immediately preceding the main conference on May 26-28th. The website for this workshop can be found here PPD10. A Media Release from the HITLab Australia on this workshop can be found here - January 31 International Workshop on coupled display visual interfaces.

May 2010 - Keynote Talk - IDEs for Pervasive Computing

I have been invited to give a keynote talk at the First International Workshop on Programming Methods for Mobile and Pervasive Systems (PMMPS 10) which will be held in Helsinki, Finland on May 17, 2010 and is co-located with Pervasive 2010. The topic I have choosen for this talk is the Challenges in Producing Integrated Development Environments for Pervasive Computing. It's a topic I've been worrying about for a number of years and with my move to St. Andrews where there are world class Software Engineering and Pervasive Computing academics, it's something I hope to help address.
Integrated Development Environments or IDEs are single software applications that provide a comprehensive range of features to aid in the software development process. Features include the ability to author, edit, compile, test, debug and deploy software onto a range of target platforms. Moderns IDEs support developers creating software applications for desktop platforms, mobile phones, set-top bo…