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Apr 2010 - Professor in the Chair of Human Computer Interaction

I will be moving to Scotland in July of 2010 to start my new appointment as Professor in the Chair of Human Computer Interaction at the School of Computer Science in St. Andrews University Scotland.

"St Andrews (founded in 1411) is the oldest university in Scotland. It has won international renown for both research and education and consistently features among the highest ranking British universities in league tables compiled, for example, by the Times Higher Education Supplement".

"The School of Computer Science organises its research by working within small but highly motivated teams. These teams are often fluid, acquiring and losing researchers as the focus of interest shifts. To stimulate such a dynamic high-quality environment, the School’s research is organised into a three overlapping themes that cover four areas of theoretical and practical Computer Science:
Networked and distributed systems including computer networking, distributed systems engineering and syst…