Sept 2009 Workshop at Pervasive 2010: What can the Internet of Things do for the citizen (CIoT)?

Thanks to Florian and Albrecht for inviting me to join the PC for CIoT.

************************* CALL FOR PAPERS ************************

Pervasive 2010 Conference Workshop on
What can the Internet of Things do for the citizen?

CIoT 2010
May 17, 2010
Helsinki (Finland)


Submissions should address citizens needs. Topics are proposed but not limited to:

* Emerging applications and interaction paradigms
o using mobile phones and other mobile devices as
gateways to services for citizens
o integrating existing infrastructure in homes
(digital picture frames, smart metering of energy etc.)
o enabling end-user programming and service mash-ups
o embedding virtual services into physical artifacts
o developing emerging services and applications

* Infrastructure and network
o extension of existing network paradigms and web protocols (web of things)
o integration of social networks
o opportunities and limitations of standards

* Case studies and experience reports
o case studies on real-world deployments
o user studies on technology perception and acceptance

* Social impact and consequences
o discussion of anticipated behavioral changes of users
o security and privacy

We invite three types of submissions:

Research contributions introducing novel concepts and presenting new insight
may be between 6-10 pages. These submissions are supposed to discuss
experiences and lessons learned from applying as well as new applications
and internet of things interaction paradigms.

Case studies should be 3-5 pages outlining the deployment of pervasive
computing technologies in a real world environment. In particular, we
are looking for reports on the experiences collecting while introducing
internet of things technologies or sensor networks into productive

Position statements may be up to 2 pages. They should outline a person's
interest and experience in the topic of the workshop. Position
statements will not be included in the proceedings but will serve as
introductions for panel discussions.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

Deadlines and Dates
Submissions due by: 15th of January 2010
Notifications due by: 8th of March 2010
Final papers due to LNCS: 31st March 2010
Workshop day: 17th of May 2010

PDF version of the call:

Workhop Chairs and Organizers
Florian Michahelles, ETH Zurich
Associate Director Auto-ID Labs

Stephan Karpischek, ETH Zurich
Senior Researcher, Auto-ID Labs

Albrecht Schmidt, University of Duisburg-Essen
Chair of Pervasive Computing and User Interface Engineering

Technical Programm Commitee
Aaron Beach, University of Colorado
Aaron Quigley, HIT Lab Australia
Alois Ferscha, University of Linz
Anind Dey, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
Antonio Kruger, DFKI
Carsten Magerkurth, SAP Research
Christian Decker, University of Karlsruhe
Christian Floerkemeier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Christof Roduner, ETH Zurich
Dieter Uckelmann, University of Bremen
Dominique Guinard, ETH Zurich & SAP Research
Elgar Fleisch, ETH Zurich & University of St. Gallen
Enrico Rukzio, Lancaster University
Felix von Reischach, ETH Zurich & SAP Research
Florian Resatsch, ServTag
Frederic Thiesse, University of St. Gallen
Friedemann Mattern, ETH Zurich
Gaetano Boriello, University of Washington
Gregor Broll, NTT Docomo Europe Labs
Heikki Huomo, Center for Internet Excellence
Jens Str¸ker, University of Freiburg
Jin Mitsugi, Keio University
Juha Laurila, Nokia Research Center Lausanne
Kary Fr‰mling, University of Helsinki
Kristof Van Laerhoven, Darmstadt University of Technology
Lars Erik Holmquist, Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS)
Manfred Aigner, Technical University of Graz
Marcus Handte, University of Bonn
Martin Strohbach, NEC Europe Ltd.
Matthias Kranz, TU Munich
Matthias Wagner, NTT Docomo Europe Labs
Michael Beigl, University of Braunschweig
Michael Rohs, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin
Osamu Nakamura, Keio University
Paul Holleis, NTT Docomo Europe Labs
Rene Mayrhofer, Vienna University
Rick Han, University of Colorado
Rob van Kranenburg, Founder of Council
Trevor Bubridge, BT
Sanjay Sarma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Sarah Spiekerman, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Tom·s S·nchez LÛpez, University of Cambridge
Wontack Woo, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

for further questions please contact:

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