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Sept 2009 Workshop at Pervasive 2010: What can the Internet of Things do for the citizen (CIoT)?

Thanks to Florian and Albrecht for inviting me to join the PC for CIoT.

************************* CALL FOR PAPERS ************************

Pervasive 2010 Conference Workshop on
What can the Internet of Things do for the citizen?

CIoT 2010
May 17, 2010
Helsinki (Finland)


Submissions should address citizens needs. Topics are proposed but not limited to:

* Emerging applications and interaction paradigms
o using mobile phones and other mobile devices as
gateways to services for citizens
o integrating existing infrastructure in homes
(digital picture frames, smart metering of energy etc.)
o enabling end-user programming and service mash-ups
o embedding virtual services into physical artifacts
o developing…

Sept 2009 Ubiquitous Computing Fundamentals

I have a chapter on UbiComp User Interfaces in a new book called "Ubiquitous Computing Fundamentals" Edited by John Krumm in Microsoft and published by Chapman & Hall/CRC; 1 edition (September 18, 2009) ISBN: 978-1420093605. [ Amazon ]

The user interface represents the point of contact between a computer system and a human, both in terms of input to the system and output from the system. There are many facets of a "Ubiquitous Computing" or ubicomp system, from the low-level sensor technologies in the environment, through the collection, management and processing of the context data through to the middleware required to enable the dynamic composition of devices and services envisaged. These hardware, software, systems and services act as the computational edi ce around which we need to build our Ubicomp User Interface, or UUI. The ability to provide natural inputs and outputs from a system which can allow it to remain in the periphery is hence the central challen…

Sept 2009 Congratulations to Dr. Bennett

It is with great pride that I congratulate Mike Bennett on passing his Viva on Wednesday the 2nd of September 2009. Mike or (Dr. Bennett designate, as we should call him) is my second PhD student completed. He came to work with me in mid 2005 on a startup scholarship UCD afforded me and Mike was awarded for his studies. Amusingly, we met while both a little drunk at an MLE farewell party where he had been a researcher. He was the third student I'd convinced to come work with me after a bout of heavy drinking which is thankfully a habit I've managed to break. (Large grants or lovely scholarships or my insane desire to stay upto 3am working on our nth+1 paper are the attractions to work with me now ;-)

Mikes' keen intellect and curiosity impressed me greatly then as it does now. It's been my great pleasure to have had the chance to work with Mike over the past few years. Dr. Bennett is now a postdoc researcher with the CLARITY Centre for Sensor Web Technologies and is mo…

Sept 2009 Proceedings of the 3rd Irish Conference on Human Computer Interaction I-HCI 2009

Along with my colleague (and former classmate) Dr. Gavin Doherty we are the conference chairs for the 3rd Irish Conference on Human Computer Interaction (I-HCI 2009) held in Trinity College Dublin on the 17th and 18th of September 2009. The program chair for I-HCI 2009 is Dr. Saturnino Luz
 from Trinity College Dublin.

Registration for the conference is now open. The conference proceedings, all 142 pages, contains the papers presented at (I-HCI 2009). As the Irish HCI community is evolving there isn’t a specific theme for I-HCI 2009 but instead we aim to draw together the research community through this conference. 
I-HCI 2009 presents new research on human computer interaction. We sought short and long technical papers and student papers describing original, previously unpublished research results including:

- Collaborative System UIs

- Computer-Mediated Communication and Online Communities

- Design Methods

- End-User Programming and Adaptation

- Ethnography and design-oriented field…