June 2009 Master Class on Visualisation

I'm giving a Master Classes called "Visualisation as an analytical tool, from networks to data streams" at the DHO Summer School 2009 in July. Thanks to Shawn and Paolo for inviting me. I'm looking forward to outlining the 7 key research challenges our field faces in light of the ever increasing torrent of both local and remote data sources.

Lecture: Visualisation as an analytical tool, from networks to data streams.
7 Key Challenges we face. Aaron Quigley (University College, Dublin)

Societies continued reliance on information and communications technologies has resulted in organizations generating, gathering, and storing “raw data” at a rate growing each year. The ability for even a mid-sized organization to store tens to hundreds of terabytes of data is already within reach. Massive storage technologies are rapidly outstripping our ability to effectively analyse, explore, and understand such voluminous data. While research in other fields such as data mining, machine learning and knowledge management are also attempting to aid in the analysis of such voluminous data, there is a realisation that the “human-in-the-loop” affords a visual analysis not possible through automation alone.

As such, the area of visual analytics extends the fields of scientific and information visualization by incorporating techniques from knowledge management, statistical analysis, cognitive science and decision science.

This talk will outline how voluminous data is modeled, managed, mined and hence visually presented for exploration. Several large scale data and information visualisation methods will be described and discussed along with the 7 key challenges we face as researchers and developers in using visualisation in an attempt to present information.

DHO Summer School 2009

Date: 13 - 17 July 2009
Venue: Royal Irish Academy and Trinity College Dublin

The Digital Humanities Observatory in conjunction with NINES and 18th Connect are delighted to offer a week-long workshop to allow scholars undertaking digital projects to develop their skills, share interests, and work towards common goals. Workshop strands, master classes and lectures will focus on the theoretical, technical, administrative, and institutional issues relevant to the needs of digital humanities projects.

The summer school will offer participants four week-long workshop strands to choose from:

* Introduction to the Text Encoding Initiative: Theory and Practice;
* Data Modelling and Databases for Humanities Research;
* Data Visualisation for the Humanities;
* Text Transformations with XSLT.

In addition the Summer School will feature lectures and master classes by leading experts and theorists in digital humanities.

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