April 2009 - Face to face collaborative interfaces

New Book Chapter

Myself and one of my Masters students Florian Bodea from last year had a chapter on our research on Face to face collaborative interfaces published recently in the book on Human-Centric Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence by Elsevier [1]. This is edited by Hamid Aghajan, Stanford University, USA, Juan Carlos Augusto, University of Ulster, UK and Ramon Delgado, University of Granada, Spain.

Their description of the book states:
To create truly effective human-centric ambient intelligence systems both engineering and computing methods are needed. This is the first book to bridge data processing and intelligent reasoning methods for the creation of human-centered ambient intelligence systems. Interdisciplinary in nature, the book covers topics such as multi-modal interfaces, human-computer interaction, smart environments and pervasive computing, addressing principles, paradigms, methods and applications.

This book will be an ideal reference for university researchers, R&D engineers, computer engineers, and graduate students working in signal, speech and video processing, multi-modal interfaces, human-computer interaction and applications of ambient intelligence.

The Abstract of our chapter:

The presentation of information on large displays and their use to support collaboration in face to face activities has long been commonplace. Computationally enhanced displays relying on the form-factor of whiteboards, surfaces, tables, benches and desks now afford forms of face to face computer supported interaction and collaboration not possible with classical desktop or mobile computing. This chapter provides an introduction to the research and developments of multitouch input technologies which can be used to realise large interactive tabletop or “surface user interfaces”. Such hardware systems along with supporting software allow for applications which can be controlled through direct touch or multi-touch. Further, a review of gestural interactions and design guidelines for surface user interface design for collaboration are provided.

Key words: Tabletop, HCI, Surface User Interface, Gestural Interface, Design Guidelines

  1. Quigley A and Bodea F., Face to face collaborative interfaces, Book Chapter in Human Centric Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence, Elsevier 2009

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