April 2009 - CFP 1st International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications

I am a member of the Program Committee for the 1st International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications. This will be a interesting and exciting event given the rise of new forms of human computer interaction (such as Surface User Interfaces) and new display technologies suitable for in-car and inter-car application.


***** AutomotiveUI'09 http://auto-ui.org *****
***** Conference: Mon/Tue 21-22 Sep 2009 *****
***** Submission Deadline: 02 June 2009 *****

*** The conference is in-cooperation with ***
*** ACM SIGCHI and the proceedings will be ***
*** included in the ACM digital library ***

* new concepts for driving interfaces
* multi-modal car user interfaces
* methods and tools for automotive user interface research
* approaches for the evaluation of novel car user interfaces
* user interface issues for assistive functionality
* novel multimedia interfaces and in-car entertainment
* text input and output while driving
* speech interfaces for in-car use
* user interfaces for information access while driving
* user interfaces for navigation systems
* user interface frameworks and toolkits for vehicles
* development tools and methods for car user interfaces
* biometrics and physiological sensors as a user interface component
* detection and estimation of user intentions
* detecting user distraction and driver state
* new display, visualization and interaction techniques for car UIs
* novel interactive car applications
* using sensors and context for interactive experiences in the car
* applications and user interfaces for inter-vehicle communication
* in-car gaming
* interactive applications for drivers and passengers

Advances in technology have transformed cars into
complex interactive systems. Drivers interact with
a variety of controls and applications to operate
a vehicle. Besides mastering the primary driving
task drivers make use of entertainment, information
and communication systems in the car. The technical
basis in modern cars includes means for communication,
sensing and media provision. With these novel
technologies many opportunities arise for creating
attractive in-car user interfaces. Nevertheless the
challenge of creating such interfaces in a compelling
and safe to use manner has grown ever greater.
Especially in the automotive context users expect
interfaces that are intuitive and straightforward to
use, without the need to read a manual. The overall
experience in driving a car is more and more
influenced by the man-machine interface, and hence
creating attractive user interfaces is of great
importance for a successful product.

Traditional means for user interface development as
known from desktop computing are often not suitable,
as many other conditions have an influence on the
design space for automotive user interfaces. In
comparison to many other domains, trial and error
while the product is already in the market is not
acceptable as the cost of failure may be fatal.

User interface design in the automotive domain is
relevant across many areas ranging from primary
driving control, to assisted functions, to
navigation, information services, entertainment
and games.

Authors are invited to submit papers that are
2, 4 or 8 pages long, formatted to follow the two
column ACM SIGCHI format. We are happy to consider
a variety of styles for inclusion in the proceedings,
such as academic papers, design sketches,
interaction concepts, and industrial case studies.
The papers will be selected using a peer-review process.
All accepted submissions will be included in the
conference proceedings, which will be available
through the ACM Digital Library.

Conference Chairs
Albrecht Schmidt, University of Duisburg-Essen
Anind Dey, Carnegie Mellon University

Program Chairs
Thomas Seder, GM
Oskar Juhlin, Interactive Institute & Stockholm University

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