June 2008 BioMOBIUS in the news

Connecting People, Heath and Health Care

For nearly 10 years, Intel has focused on people-centered research that leads to innovative technologies to improve the care of aging and chronically ill individuals in the home. Personalized technologies based on this research can help address the rising costs of chronic disease and the aging population, while also allowing people to become more actively engaged in managing their health.

One example of Intel's commitment to multidisciplinary research is its involvement in the Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) Centre, a groundbreaking research collaboration jointly funded by Intel Corporation and the Irish government to explore technologies that will enable people of any age to live independent lives. One of the TRIL Centre's recent innovations is BioMOBIUS(TM), a low-cost research computing platform that can be easily tailored to quickly build a research tool in a simple way by those with limited technical knowledge.

Another example of Intel's research-driven solutions demonstrated today is a gait analysis system that reveals the key factors in people's gait (the manner or rate of movement on foot) and determines their risk of falling. While currently a research project, concepts like this would improve quality of life and reduce the burden on the country's health care system.

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