June 2007 China Research Trip

Gaming and Graphics Workshop Beijing

From May 27th until June 4th I took part in an IRCSET funded GREP research visit with my colleague Marie Redmond from Trinity College Dublin to China. IRCSET funded our exploratory grant which supported this trip for the development of a Graduate Programme in Visualisation, Graphics and Vision.

We visited two Universities, Tsinghua in Beijing and Fudan in Shanghai along with Microsoft Research and IBM Research. In addition we attend the two day Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Gaming & Graphics in Beijing. This event allowed us to meet a wide range of academics from China, Japan, Korea and Australia. This two-day workshop included Microsoft Research Asia updates along with research and teaching presentations university faculty members. In addition these was one poster session and several moderated and informal group discussions. Our visit to Fudan was hosted by colleagues from UCD and UCD collaborators in the Software School. My school in UCD teaches a joint undergraduate degree program with the Software School in Fudan. This visit helped us focus on their Visualisation, Graphics and Vision research and 4th level plans.
MSRA Group Photo - G&G 07

The overall aim of this visit was document best practice in graduate research education in Chinese Universities and to understand how stronger links with industry and research labs can be developed.

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