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Jan 2009 Two new Journal papers published

Congrats to two of my students Umer and Ross on our two new journal papers which are soon to appear.

Shannon R., Eugene K. and Quigley A., "Using Ambient Social Reminders to Stay in Touch with Friends", International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence, 1(2), 70-78, April-June 2009

Rashid R. and Quigley A., "Ambient Displays in Academic Settings: Avoiding their Underutilization, "International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence, 1(2), 31-38, April-June 2009

Jan 2009 VDA 2009 San Jose

I presented our paper on the Visual data exploration of temporal graph data at the Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis 2009 which was Part of IS&T/SPIE's International Symposium on Electronic Imaging 2009. This event was held on the 19-20 January 2009 in San Jose, California, USA. The paper was co-authored by Mike Farrugia and myself and is based on Mike's masters research and his submission to the IEEE VAST 2008 contest (which he won a Cell phone Mini Challenge award).

The event itself was quite interesting due to the co-location with a number of other conferences on Graphics, Imaging and Visualisation. I also got to meet a number of interesting researchers including Katy Börner who presented a inspiring paper on "Teaching children the structure of science". Katy is the director for the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center at the School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University. I enjoyed our discussions and hearing more about th…

Jan 2009 New Translational Research Project Dviz & Senior Software Architect post

Representatives of UCD, IADT and Twelve Horses in late December 2008 signed a two year contract with the NDRC for the Dviz digital media technologies project. I am the UCD PI, Hilary Kenna in the IADT PI and Gabrielle Stafford leads the project with Twelve Horses Ltd.

The Dviz project is a collaborative digital technology research project between Twelve Horses, IADT and UCD, and is funded by the NDRC. This project brings together a diverse skill set from both its commercial partner and university research teams to realise an innovative visualisation platform with strong commercial potential.

Dviz itself is an online platform to facilitate the contextualisation of statistical data in realtime using dynamic visualisation technology. The ultimate objective of this project is to unlock the value of data by creating a platform that will enable users to visualise, manipulate and track data in a way that is meaningful for them. The resultant dynamic visualisations can then be used to investig…