Dec 2008 Conference Co-Chair, I-HCI 2009 the third conference of the Irish HCI Community

TCD - Venue for I-HCI 2009I am the co-chair for the I-HCI 2009 along with Gavin Doherty from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. I-HCI 2009 is the third conference of the Irish HCI Community. Held in Trinity College Dublin on the 17th and 18th of September it is organised and sponsored by the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin and the School of Computer Science and Informatics, University College Dublin. This two day event aims to bring together researchers, students and practitioners through a paper program (long and short) and a range of new tracks and events for the 2009 conference. Human Computer Interaction research and developments are targetted at augmented human activity and enriching our life experiences.

The Irish HCI community is evolving with the establishment of the ACM SIGCHI chapter and as such the 2009 program will not be based around a specific theme. Instead, we encourage submissions on novel HCI concepts, insightful surveys of existing work, or concrete, significant, transferable research based on the implementation and evaluation of a working system. In addition, we encourage more speculative short papers (upto 4 pages) may report work in progress or an interesting idea that is not yet fully developed.

I-HCI 2009 follows on from the great success of the past two conference events, I-HCI 2008 at the University College Cork, September 19th & 20th and I-HCI 2007 in the University of Limerick on May 2nd.

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