Nov 2008 Two Journal Papers Published

Congrats to two of my students Brendan and Ross on our recent journal papers which have been published in high profile venues with high impact factors. The work on both of these projects continues so I expect we will have more Journal papers in the future on these topics.

  • Sheehan B., Quigley A., Gaudin B. and Dobson S., A relation based measure of semantic similarity for gene ontology annotations. BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:468 (4 November 2008)
  • Knox A., Clear A., Shannon R., Coyle L., Dobson S., Quigley A. and Nixon P., Scatterbox: a Context-Aware Message Forwarding Platform, 2008, Journal Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle pp.549-568, RSTI serie RIA - Volume 22 No 5/2008, (ISBN 978-2-7462-2261-8)


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