Oct 2008 Neil Cowzer start as an IRCSET funded postgrad

Neil CowzerNeil Cowzer has joined me this week as a postgraduate in the SRG. Neil recently completed his undergraduate in UCD and achieved a 1:1 in BSc Computer Science for his efforts. An ODCSSS 06 alumni, Neil has undertaken numerous research internships; taking part in IBM Extreme Blue 08 as one of their top placed hires and working with the Machine Learning Group (MLG) under the supervision of Pádraig Cunnigham, who Neil continued to work with on his final year project. Neil is based on the 3rd floor in CASL so he can collaborate with other researchers in the SRG.

Neil has been awarded an IRCSET scholarship researching Software Engineering of Pervasive Computing Systems. His initial focus is on the application of dataflow programming principles in pervasive computing, with a view to developing a suitable framework for the development of future pervasive/ubiquitous systems. The SRG has become a hot-bed of development in this area. With this in mind, Neil hopes to collaborate with a number of researchers in the group, in particular we expect Neil to be working closely with Umer Rashid.

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