Sept 2008 IEEE TableTop Session Chair

Our FTIR Tabletop in UCdLater this week I will be a session chair for Session 6 on Different Views: Display Techniques for Interactive Surfaces at Tabletop'08 the 3rd IEEE Tabletops and Interactive Surfaces Conference in Amsterdam. After being on the PC and reviewing many excellent papers I'm looking forward to attending both the bootcamp on FTIR development on Wednesday and the conference on Thursday and Friday. We have built a very large FTIR table that you can see to the left here so I'd like to learn more about possible refinements to improve its robustness etc. Our current projects with this surface revolve around collaborative visualisation in the Many-Hands project and coupling it with personal displays in coupled displays.

"The use of the tabletop as an input/output device is an exciting and emerging research area. This cross-disciplinary domain brings together experts in projector based display systems, augmented reality, user interface technologies, multi-modal interaction, input and sensing technologies, CSCW, and information visualization.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together leading researchers in the field so that they can present and exchange current results of ongoing investigations. The 3rd IEEE TABLETOP Workshop will be held on October 2-3, 2008 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with Sriram Subramanian & Shahram Izadi as TABLETOP Co-Chairs."

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