June 2008 UbiComp 2008 PC and MSR Redmond

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From September 21 - 24 this year UbiComp 2008 Tenth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing will be held in the COEX, Seoul, South Korea. I'm currently attending the paper review meeting in Microsoft Research Redmond as a member of the international program committee. I'm looking forward to a fruitful discussion of the many fine papers which have been submitted this year.

Microsfot Home Prior to the PC meeting we have been visiting Microsoft Research for the day on a tour arranged by John Krumm and AJ Brush. We have had a tour of the "Microsoft Home" (picture from Seattle PI [ videos ]) which provoked some interesting discussion amongst the PC members who attend the tour. The home is an aesthetically pleasing environment with nice examples of technology layered in. Afterwards we toured Microsoft Research where we saw some advanced visual interfaces such as new version of the Surface and the Tablet PC InkSeine. This was followed by a Ubicomp PC Madness where all those who attended presented a quick overview on their research to each other. The day concluded with Pizza, bocceball and a time to meet the Microsoft interns in Building 99. Thanks again to John and AJ for the event!

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