June 2008 Lero - The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre


Today I am attending the Lero CSET year 2 review dry run in the UCD CASL. Our
colleagues from around Ireland have come together today to give an overview of
our research efforts to one another. We just heard from Professor Kevin Ryan
on the vision, mission, goals and achievements of Lero to date. Collectively
these have been very significant in terms of publications, graduate school,
industry engagement, conferences hosted in Ireland etc.

Professor Mike Hinchey who has just joined UL and is the research co-director for
Lero is giving us his personal vision and initial plans for Lero going forward to
years 3 and beyond. His background as Director of the Software Engineering
Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre will bring new vision and insight to the
problems of developing reliable and flexible evolving systems.

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