June 2008 EMBC Workshop Accepted

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Along with colleagues in the TTP in TRIL we had our proposal for a pre-workshop event at EMBC 2008 accepted. Our event is called "Platform Oriented Approaches to Biomedical Application Development for In-lab and In-home Deployments" to be held at the 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society August 20-24, 2008 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. If you are interested in rapid application development, data collection in biomedical research (in lab or in home), remote and home monitoring then please come along to this event where we will cover much of the related work and demonstrate our BioMOBIUS research platform.

The success of biomedical systems that enable research both in lab and in the home is predicated on the available of ICT solutions which can be used throughout the research community. The success of technology in other domains such as the internet, personal computers has been based on a set of fundamental tools is necessary to ensure interoperability, rapid development, and user confidence. This workshop will review the challenges associated with development of systems to support biomedical research both in the laboratory and in the home. The key characteristics of a reusable toolbox will be defined. These tools, by necessity, will be heterogeneous and diverse – ranging from body sensor networks to mobile communication devices to home based monitoring systems. Practical demonstrations of how the features have been realized in an open, extensible and reusable toolbox will be based on the TRIL’s centre BioMOBIUS™ research platform will be included through out the workshop.
BIOMOBIUS comprises of both hardware and software components that support rapid application prototyping and development of biomedical research systems which incorporate a wide range of monitoring capabilities.

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