June 2008 BioMOBIUS Workshop UCD Sept 2008

University College Dublin - September 10th, 2008

The TRIL Centre is running a one day BioMOBIUS™ Workshop in University College, Dublin on September 10th 2008 for researchers.
BioMOBIUS™ platform is a closely integrated collection of hardware and software components. The platform supports the rapid deployment of biomedical applications in a drag and drop graphical programming environments that require the collection of a wide variety of datasets such as physiological and/or kinematic data. BioMOBIUS can be readily used in a variety of settings, ranging from research laboratories to people’s homes.

The BioMOBIUS research platform is aimed at researchers, clinicians and therapists who need, in the course of their work, to monitor and analyse the activity or other physiological characteristics of their patients or research subjects.


The workshop will be a mixture of class materials, practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions. The hands-on sessions will cover the following topics using the BioMOBIUS platform
• Graphical Application Development process
• Graphical User interface Development process
• Digital signal processing tools / Review of in-built signal processing libraries
• Video processing, communication assistants etc.
• Third-party sensor integration.
• Biomedical application development
• Application program interface standards
• Block development process

TTP Team
There are no prerequisites for this workshop. The audience is assumed to have knowledge of either signal processing or biomedical experiments. To participate in the hands on sessions participants should bring a laptop with the BioMOBIUS software environment preinstalled. BioMOBIUS is free to download from www.biomobius.org.
Participants who are interested in the block development process should have Visual Studio 2005 (with SP2) also installed. They should also possess some knowledge of C++ programming.

There is no fee for the workshop.

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