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June 2008 Journal Special Issue Call

Along with colleagues in Microsoft and Bristol we are editing a special issue of a journal to follow on from our PPD workshop last month in Italy.

Call for Papers for Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Special Issue:
Designing Multi-touch Interaction Techniques for Coupled Public and Personal Displays
Editors: Shahram Izadi, Aaron Quigley, and Sriram Subramanian

This call for papers for a special issue follows on the successful workshop held at Advanced Visual Interfaces 2008 on the same topic (see for workshop details). The special issue will focus on the research challenges and opportunities afforded by the combination of touch sensitive small personal input displays coupled with large touch sensitive public displays. Different touch-enabled devices rely on different types of touches (passive stylus, active stylus, fingers and tangible objects), the motivating question for this call is how do users switch between these devices and how to facilitate fluid t…

June 2008 BioMOBIUS in the news

Myriad of links to news items discussing BioMOBIUS
Body Sensor Networks
PC Magazine
eChannel Line
Virtual Medical Worlds

Brian O'Mullane head of TTP software team UCD at Research@Intel day.

June 2008 BioMOBIUS Workshop UCD Sept 2008

University College Dublin - September 10th, 2008

The TRIL Centre is running a one day BioMOBIUS™ Workshop in University College, Dublin on September 10th 2008 for researchers.
BioMOBIUS™ platform is a closely integrated collection of hardware and software components. The platform supports the rapid deployment of biomedical applications in a drag and drop graphical programming environments that require the collection of a wide variety of datasets such as physiological and/or kinematic data. BioMOBIUS can be readily used in a variety of settings, ranging from research laboratories to people’s homes.

The BioMOBIUS research platform is aimed at researchers, clinicians and therapists who need, in the course of their work, to monitor and analyse the activity or other physiological characteristics of their patients or research subjects.


The workshop will be a mixture of class materials, practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions. The hands-on sessions will cover the following topics…

June 2008 Lero - The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre

Today I am attending the Lero CSET year 2 review dry run in the UCD CASL. Our
colleagues from around Ireland have come together today to give an overview of
our research efforts to one another. We just heard from Professor Kevin Ryan
on the vision, mission, goals and achievements of Lero to date. Collectively
these have been very significant in terms of publications, graduate school,
industry engagement, conferences hosted in Ireland etc.

Professor Mike Hinchey who has just joined UL and is the research co-director for
Lero is giving us his personal vision and initial plans for Lero going forward to
years 3 and beyond. His background as Director of the Software Engineering
Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre will bring new vision and insight to the
problems of developing reliable and flexible evolving systems.

June 2008 BioMOBIUS in the news

Connecting People, Heath and Health Care

For nearly 10 years, Intel has focused on people-centered research that leads to innovative technologies to improve the care of aging and chronically ill individuals in the home. Personalized technologies based on this research can help address the rising costs of chronic disease and the aging population, while also allowing people to become more actively engaged in managing their health.

One example of Intel's commitment to multidisciplinary research is its involvement in the Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) Centre, a groundbreaking research collaboration jointly funded by Intel Corporation and the Irish government to explore technologies that will enable people of any age to live independent lives. One of the TRIL Centre's recent innovations is BioMOBIUS(TM), a low-cost research computing platform that can be easily tailored to quickly build a research tool in a simple way by those with limited technical knowledge.


June 2008 VGV08 and Congrats to Mike Bennett

Irish Graduate Student Symposium on
Vision, Graphics and Visualisation(VGV08)
June 5th
Trinity College Dublin

On the back of an IRCSET exploratory Graduate Research Education Program
exploratory grant myself and colleagues in Dublin City University and Trinity
College Dublin organised VGV08
in June 2008. Our aim was to provide a stimulating space for young
researchers and Ph.D. students to present the results of their research
and to interact with their scientific peers, in a friendly and constructive environment.

One of my postgrads Mike Bennett received the best poster award at this event and
was presented with an award for his poster "Understanding Distance & How Humans
See Interfaces & Designs
" from one of our industrial partners.

Thanks to Trinity College Dublin and Gerard Lacey for the lions share of the
organisation on this! It was a great atmosphere and very interesting to see the
work on display. I look forward to following up with students on quadruped animation …

June 2008 PerCom PC 2009

I was recently invited to serve of the international program committee for PerCom 2009 the Seventh Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications. I look forward to taking part in this program committee for a conference series I haven't been involved with before.

June 2008 UbiComp 2008 PC and MSR Redmond

From September 21 - 24 this year UbiComp 2008 Tenth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing will be held in the COEX, Seoul, South Korea. I'm currently attending the paper review meeting in Microsoft Research Redmond as a member of the international program committee. I'm looking forward to a fruitful discussion of the many fine papers which have been submitted this year.

Prior to the PC meeting we have been visiting Microsoft Research for the day on a tour arranged by John Krumm and AJ Brush. We have had a tour of the "Microsoft Home" (picture from Seattle PI [ videos ]) which provoked some interesting discussion amongst the PC members who attend the tour. The home is an aesthetically pleasing environment with nice examples of technology layered in. Afterwards we toured Microsoft Research where we saw some advanced visual interfaces such as new version of the Surface and the Tablet PC InkSeine. This was followed by a Ubicomp PC Madness where all those who …

June 2008 EMBC Workshop Accepted

Along with colleagues in the TTP in TRIL we had our proposal for a pre-workshop event at EMBC 2008 accepted. Our event is called "Platform Oriented Approaches to Biomedical Application Development for In-lab and In-home Deployments" to be held at the 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society August 20-24, 2008 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. If you are interested in rapid application development, data collection in biomedical research (in lab or in home), remote and home monitoring then please come along to this event where we will cover much of the related work and demonstrate our BioMOBIUS research platform.

The success of biomedical systems that enable research both in lab and in the home is predicated on the available of ICT solutions which can be used throughout the research community. The success of technology in other domains such as the internet, personal computers has been based on a set of fundamental tools …