May 2008 Pervasive Computing @ Home Workshop

Today I attended and presented at the Pervasive Computing @ Home workshop in Sydney. This workshop was focused on Pervasive Technology as applied specifically to a home environment. What was discussed was what distinguishes the home from other sites of technological innovation, approaches to studying behavior in a home setting including in-situ studies and living laboratories, and lessons learned from building and studying pervasive technologies intended for use in homes. I was mainly interested in this workshop for our TRIL research and development.
Presentations Included:
  • Pervasive Computing@ICS-Forth - C. Stephanidis, A. Argyros, D. Grammenos, X. Zabulis
  • Home Deployments for Independent Living - A. Quigley, M. McGrath, P. Nixon, and T. Dishongh
  • The eHome - a Practical Smart Home Implementation - L. Kaila, J. Mikkonen, A. Vainio, J. Vanhala End-User Programming for the Home: a Challenge - J. Couta
  • Bringing IMS Services to the DLNA Connected Home - J. Hjelm, T. Oda, A. Fasbender, S. Murakami, A. Damola
  • Adding Convenience to "Cohabitation of Conveience" - U. Rashid and A. Quigley
  • Connecting People Who Connect Devices - M. Newman and M. Ackerman


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