May 2008 Paper Accepted IV08: Structural Clustering

Gaudin A. and Quigley A., "Interactive Structural Clustering of Graphs based on Multi-Representations", 12th International Conference on Information Visualisation IV08, 9 - 11 July 2008 in LSBU, London, UK (to appear)

Work based on Marie Curie International Re-Integration Grant. CoViAn: Comparative Visual Analytic techniques (e.g. structure plot, city plot and graph drawing) and their effectiveness in the exploration of large scale relational data sets. This research project operated at the junction of two sub-topics, namely large-scale relational information visualisation (graph drawing) and visual analytics. The aim was to build on our own research and existing research in these fields, and to provide a targeted comparison of three contrasting views of relational data display and exploration. Our hypothesis which we have proven through our empirical research, is simply that graph drawing techniques alone, for the exploration and navigation of large graphs are not sufficient and that a hybrid approach which incorporates multiple views of the data should be taken.

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