May 2008 LoCA 2009 Co-Chair

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Along with Tanzeem Choudhury of Dartmouth College, USA I am the program co-chair for LoCA 2009 in Tokyo Japan.

4th International Symposium on Location and Context Awareness
May 7th-8th, 2009. Tokyo, Japan

The 2009 Symposium on Location and Context Awareness (LoCA) seeks new and significant research on systems, services, and applications to detect, interpret and use location and other contextual information. Context includes physiological, environmental and computational data whether sensed or inferred. In addition, context includes users’ activities, goals, abilities, preferences, interruptibility, affordances, and surroundings. With context, we can expect computers to deliver information, services, and entertainment in a way that maximises convenience and minimises intrusion. Developing awareness involves research in sensing, systems, machine learning, human computer interaction, and design.

LoCA 2009 Poster [ Download Poster ]

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