Apr 2008 Pervasive 2008 Tutorial

Context-Rich but Keyboard-Free Pervasive Computing - Pervasive Computing User Interfaces - Aaron J Quigley - Pervasive 2008 Tutorials

Clearly there are classes of computing application which will rely on the classical screen, keyboard and mouse interfaces for sometime to come. However, we are seeing the emergence of pervasive computing applications and scenarios which go beyond the traditional application design or even mobile computing application design. Designing User Interfaces for the disappearing computer is difficult. By its very nature Pervasive Computing is trying to make the computer less of a focal point, making it, dare we say invisible! The challenge therefore becomes to provide simple, seamless, natural and context-aware interfaces to complex, subtle and oft invisible pervasive computing applications. Instead of overwhelming the user with a plethora of options, research as shown the need to develop personalized user interfaces that leverage past and group actions in user interface interaction. This tutorial will provide an overview of the approaches taken in the development of user interfaces for pervasive computing applications to date.

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