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Jan 2008 Oracle/SFI Grant success and review

Professor Paddy Nixon holds a €2.5m SFI award in Secure and Predictable Pervasive Systems. This core grant has allowed us over the past 3 years to develop the systems research group (SRG) in UCD into a international leading group in massive scale distributed systems, software engineering, visualisation and sensor based systems.

This grant, along with many others has allowed us to grow the SRG into a team of 5 Faculty, 6 PostDocs, 29 PhD students, and 3 research programmers (43 staff).

Recently, I was a co-investigator on an SFI Industry Research supplement award to Paddy's main grant with Oracle. I'm bringing my Pervasive Computing and Info Vis experience to this project. Over the past few month Dr. Benoit Gaudin has done an outstanding job on the first phase of this research project.

The impact of this industry academic collaboration was felt today in an Oracle review of the early stage of the project. We presented our research results and plans to two Oracle Vice Presidents and…

Jan 2008 TRIL Centre IDA Review

Along with my co-Principal Investigators in the TRIL Centre (Technology Research for Independent Living) we presented to an external review panel on our work to date and plans for 2008 across the 5 strands within TRIL. I presented on the TRIL Technology Platform (TTP) which is headed up by Michael McGrath (Intel), Paddy Nixon (UCD) and myself Aaron Quigley (UCD).

I've only recently joined this team but I was very proud to present the outcomes of the TTP work to date. Across the strands the team have made great strides in clinical research, IT research, ethnographic research and developments targeted at key areas in ageing. Ageing is both a social and a biological process where I like to focus on the challenges, opportunities and excitement which it presents rather than the typical view of disconnection and decline.

The TRIL Centre is a coordinated collection of research projects addressing the physical, cognitive and social consequences of ageing, all informed by ethnographic res…

Jan 2008 Co-Chair PPD'08 (public/private multi-touch displays)

Along with some colleagues I had a workshop proposal for AVI 2008 the International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces accepted recently.

PPD'08 Call for Papers
Workshop on designing multi-touch interaction techniques for coupled
public and private displays

(AVI 2008 the International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces)

Workshop Paper submission deadline: March 25, 2008, 11:59 pm PST

Workshop: May 31, 2008 Napoli, Italy

Shahram Izadi - Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
Aaron Quigley - University College Dublin, Ireland
Sriram Subramanian - University of Bristol, UK


The PPD 08 workshop on designing multi-touch interaction techniques for coupled
public and private displays focuses on the research challenges and opportunities
afforded by the combination of touch sensitive small private input displays
coupled with large touch sensitive public displays. Different touch-en…

Jan 2008 Multimedia, Graphics and Visualization - Next Steps

Since 2005 I have been teaching a Multimedia, Graphics and Visualization (COMP40340) course in UCD as part of our Higher Diploma/M.Sc. in Ubiquitous and Multimedia Systems. I inherited this course from a colleague and while I have made some in-roads in the attention to algorithmic details and practical issues in the realisation of Multimedia, Graphics and Visualization it has remained relatively unchanged. This is now changing from 2008 onwards.

Students wishing to take my COMP40610 Computer Science: Information Visualisation course should attend this course where they will be given assignments and research reading distinct from the COMP40340 cohort. However, the core course material will remain the same. Classes are from 3-5pm each Wed.

Algorithm animation of a 3D force directed layout of DWA512 (Matrix Market) built as an interactive VRML animation.

I intend this new course to focus on Information Visualisation as the driver for the exploration of issues in Multimedia, Graphics and …

Jan 2008 CLARITY SFI site-visit

I've been involved with the Adaptive Information Cluster in UCD and DCU for a number of years. Primarily through ODCSSS, our undergraduate research internship program which they helped support with funds for the first couple of years. More recently this group of the Principal Investigators along with their associate PIs and affiliated collaborators (of which I am just 1) and their numerous industrial partners presented their bid for a CSET entitled CLARITY to an independent site visit panel. This review is part of the SFI process in the high quality peer review to decide on a CSET.

Side note.....

I've only been back in Ireland a few years and I've been through a few of these CSET visits and reviews. They are always an interesting experience. Last year I was on Computer Engineering grant review panel myself for the Foundation for Science and the Technology Portugal (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia) so it's always a challenging prospect for everyone involved to ens…