Dec 2007 Umer Rashid starts as IBM/IRCSET funded postgrad

Umer Rashid has joined me this week as a postgrad in the SRG. Umer has a Masters from the U-VR Lab, GIST, Gwangju, South Korea under the supervision of Wontack Woo. He comes to us with a number IEEE, LNCS and HCI publications. His Masters thesis is on Context-based Disclosure of Personal Information in Pervasive Healthcare Using an Ontology-based Context Model. Umer is based on the 3rd floor of the CASLso he can colaborate with with other Ubicomp SRG researchers.

Umer is getting an IRCSET scholarship under the Enterprise Partnership Scheme from IBM and will be working on Human-computer-interaction in ubiquitous computing environments. His initial focus is on the personalization of user interfaces, and privacy and information disclosure issues associated with interaction of wearable computing devices with context-aware services in ubiquitous computing environments. Initially with a focus on instrumented spaces for long term self and remote monitoring by/of elders, using off the shelf wearable monitoring devices. We expect he will be working closely with Tom Holland and a number of other ubiquitous computing researchers in the CASL we expect with IBM and Vincent's hospital in time.

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