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Nov 2007 UbiComp 2008 Program Committee

I was invited to serve on the UbiComp 2008 Program Committee. UbiComp is a top-tier conference. UbiComp 2008 is the Tenth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and will be held in Seoul, South Korea from September 21 - 24, 2008. I look forward to working with my students on various submissions and participating in this program committee with my international colleagues.

Nov 2007 Appointed PI, TRIL Technology Platform Strand

Myself and Prof. Paddy Nixon are the two new Co-Principal Investigators into the TRIL Technology Platform Strand with a team of about 7 currently based in Engineering. TRIL represents a total investment by Intel and the IDA of around $30 million in the Technology Research for Independent Living Centre (TRIL). In the coming months we will be having a series of events to highlight our research to the Technology Platform Strand team and for them to showcase their impressive work to us here in the SRG and CSI.

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