Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aug 2007 ODCSSS research internship

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Over the past 12 weeks we have had 24 students from around the world working on 12 research projects in DCU and 12 projects in UCD. The site involved two directors, myself and Dr. Gabriel Muntean in DCU along with 24 supervisors and dozens of mentors and postgraduate students. The experience for the students was a very good one and the research outcomes are still being distilled into research publication (5+ so far) along with follow on research projects.

ODCSSS is an SFI funded Undergraduate Research Experience and Knowledge Award that we were awarded through a competitive grant process in late 2006. This site lasts for 3 years and the grant supported the intake in 2007 and will do so again in 2008 and 2009. We hope the theme for 2008 will grow out of our experience, projects, students and mentors from 2007. While running this site was a lot of work, the opportunity to see undergraduate students engaging in computer science research is invaluable for them and for the further development of 4th level Ireland.

Friday the 24th of August saw the final research day for the DCU-UCD ODCSSS UREKA research site. This event held at DCU attracted over 60 people and was of great interest to all. Starting with a prize giving ceremony and introductions the day progressed to the main research event which was held as a research poster session. The event finished with a certificate presentation to all 24 students who participated in this years research internship. Other events from this day included a tour and a social event see [ ODCSSS Feed ].

An email from the SFI came out today to announce the calls for other people to apply for a UREKA grant. I'm including it here in case any academic in Ireland would like to talk to us about our experience in developing and running a UREKA site.

From the SFI:
Proposals for the 2008 Undergraduate Research Experience and Knowledge Award (UREKA) are now invited.
Application submission deadline for UREKA Sites and International Exchange Programme is 1pm on Friday, October 26th 2007
Application submission deadline for UREKA Supplements: 1pm on Friday, 25th January 2008

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aug 2007 Session Chair P2P 2007

Having Daniel Cutting as a PhD student brought me into the area of peer to peer computing. Building on my own background in systems research this exposure brought a new found interest in overlay networks and a renewed interest in distributed systems. We published a paper at Peer to Peer 2006 and based on this and conference interactions I was invited onto the program committee for P2P 2007, the Seveth IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing in Galway Ireland. I'm looking forward to this conference as we have recently had two P2P journal papers accepted and two of my new graduate students in the SRG in UCD will be looking into P2P research as part of their Pervasive Computing studies. It's nice to be involved in an evolving and expanding research area, going from strength to strength, with broader application and research.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aug 2007 Peer to Peer Journal Papers [Daniel Cutting]

Computer Journal

Along with Daniel Cutting and Bjorn Landfeldt we have recently had two Journal papers accepted. Daniel was my first PhD student who submitted his thesis on Implicit Group Messaging on P2P network in June of 2007.

The first paper "Special interest messaging with SPICE" will be published by The Computer Journal.

"The Computer Journal publishes research papers in a full range of subject areas, as well as regular feature articles and occasional themed issues to enable readers to easily access information outside their direct area of research. The journal provides a complete overview of developments in the field of Computer Science." This paper presents what we feel is a new and novel form of mass group communication. Will this form of group communication take off? It's difficult to say but clearly we will break away from just consumer directed information seeking which is limited and is bound to change.

The second paper "SPICE: Scalable P2P Implicit Group Messaging" has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Computer Communication's Special issue on Foundation of Peer-to-Peer Computing.

"Computer Communications is an peer-reviewed international journal for those involved in designing and building the data communications systems of the future. It provides engineers, researchers, and consultants and systems managers in academia and industry with state-of-the-art papers on practical developments in computer- and tele-communications technology." This paper shows how a decentralised peer to peer solution can support Implicit Group Messaging in a scaleable and global manner. The work in this paper shows that new and novel forms of group communication can be facilitated by peer to peer networks with little strain in the network. A range of comprehensive and interesting "fairness" measures are presented and are used to show that the approach taken is fair both locally and globally.

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