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May 2007 UbiComp 2007 PC

In May of 2007 I attend a two day meeting as a program committee member in Toronto for the 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing. This will be held on 16-19 September 2007 in Innsbruck, Austria. It was a great event with many of the leading figures in UbiComp in attendance. In addition I'm glad to say it was a very educational experience as I got to interact with some great people in fruitful discussion. I got to see first hand, yet again, how much time and effort goes into putting together a top class conference program. It reminded me very much of the dedication shown during the Pervasive 2006 PC meeting in Boston in Dec 2005.

May 2007 New Papers and Professional Activities

Dobson S., Bailey E., Knox S., Shannon R. and Quigley A., "A First Approach to the Closed-Form Specification and Analysis of an Autonomic Control System", 12th IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems (ICECCS 2007), Auckland, New Zealand, 11-14 July 2007

West D., Quigley A. and Kay J., "MEMENTO: A Digital Physical Scrapbook for Memory Sharing", Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Special Issue on Memory and sharing of experiences, Pages 313-328, Volume 11, Number 4 / April, 2007

Invited to Internet of Things, International Conference for Industry and Academia, Scientific Program Committee, March 26-28, Zurich Switzerland

Invited to 1st International Conference on Ambient Media and Systems (Ambi-sys 2008), Program Committee, February 11 – 14, Quebec City, Canada

May 2007 ODCSSS 24 International Students 2007

ODCSSS in 2007 has 24 students coming from 11 countries. India, Hong Kong, Austria, Thailand, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, France, Spain, USA and Ireland. Some of Irelandʼs best undergraduates coming from UCD, DCU, TCD, WIT, NUIG, NUIM and DIT have been made offers for posts this year.