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July 2006 Automotive Software - opportunities for Irish graduates, Technology Ireland Article

Quoted in a piece on Automotive Software - opportunities for Irish graduates, Technology Ireland, Issue 3 Vol 37.

Automotive software (Automobile Sector) is an expanding area of software engineering and embedded systems research and development. Within the next five years, premium cars are expected to host a cumulated amount of up to one gigabyte of binary code of software deployed via a set of interconnected embedded platforms. Software developers  already working in other domains like industrial automation systems and embedded telecommunications systems can readily transfer their skills to the automotive software sector .  The Irish government via the Science Foundation Ireland has funded the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre Lero with a focus on automotive software engineering (our focus in UCD is on Software Product Lines, Visualisation and Autonomic Software Systems). To design, implement and manage the complexity of such a huge, heterogeneous distributed system with incr…